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Am I allowed to look through the bridal gowns myself?

Yes, absolutely! Brides are always welcome in our stock rooms to look through all the gowns and make their own selections. It is easiest if you email Rhonda prior to your apointment to view gowns in your size range.  Not all the gowns are in the display area.    Mention what your ready to wear size is as Rhonda is very good at sizing and can get you into your gown and offer an expert opinion on alteration costs.   Keep in mind that all gowns can be altered but easiest to take a gown in versus letting out unless you are open to a corset back.

How long are bridal appointments at Bridal Elegance?


The typical appointment is an hour.  Appointments during the Open Houses wil normally run 60 minutes.   Saturday and Sunday appointments are up to an hour, since dressing room availability is the concern..

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

You don't need to bring anything, but some brides find it helpful to bring a strapless bra.




Have more questions? Call 515-276-1374 or feel free to email us at

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